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This story was launched on Kickstarter in June of 2012. Through the very generous pledges of a small group of backers the project reached its goal. I would like to thank those people for their wonderful support.

A very special thank you to Kirsty Jespersen for being as generous a person as I have (n)ever met. Through nothing more than a description of this story, Kirsty saw something that prompter selfless generousity towards a stranger. Truly a rare act and one that I am grateful. Her generosity is a reminder of how incredibly surprising people can be.

Below is a list of supporters for the STS.

Charter Club members:

Because of you - the story can be told.
  • Emelyn Gilmore
  • Kirsty Jespersen
  • Wilber Van Scoik
  • Win and Elaine Dermody
  • Bill Agresta
  • Danielle Bennett
  • Hugh Hendrix
  • Joe Pasquarelli
  • Jonathan Lane
  • Razi Rashid
  • Ms. Mulyono
  • Derric
  • Wouter Kok
  • Keith Carnes
  • Amanda the Doodler
  • Tom Shortridge
  • Teresa Mulijono
  • Sergio Bayarri Gausi
  • Carl Witty

This list of charter member supporters is the backbone of Secret Teddy Society: Breaking The Code. A teddy bear story that is geared for adults as much as it is for children seems to have an appeal that created generous support. Thank you again!

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Discover the best teddy bear adventure story for young-adults, children and adults that ever wondered about their own teddy bear. Zombie bears and Were-bears help create one of the most original and creative stories for adults and children alike.