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The Secret Teddy Society has grown into a story that cannot be told in one sitting. Much the same as in the human world, teddies have complexities and passions that are learned from their human families. Power, greed and corruption are not bound exclusively to the human world. Anger, sorrow and conflict are also thrust into an innocent teddy life through human influence and exposure.

  • What makes a teddy?
  • Why do they do what they do?
  • Who are they, if not you?
You will hear the answer to the above questions when you ask these of yourself.

Below, is a small glossary of the STS.


To be a good bear is to combine strength and courage with gentleness, tenderness and great unselfishness and Not tolerate cruelty, idelness, selfishness, cowardice or untruthfulness. Strive to be the best teddy you can be with love, honor and loyalty. Family is what keeps us strong.

(These real words were spoken by President Theodore Roosevelt and adopted as the Teddy Oath.)

ROUGH RIDERS or (Outsiders):

Word is spread through the teddy world by teddies that volunteer for service. Large groups of teddies are lumped into "Divisions" and broken down into smaller "Local Companies" that look after neighborhoods and city blocks.

INSIDERS (Inside Bears)

Teddies that live indoors. Outsiders sometimes call them "Coddlers".


The beginning of life for a teddy due to the direct contact and love from a human.


The conscious, animated state of a teddy.


Teddy's speak to each other in a tone (frequency) that humans can't hear. They can also speak in human tones.


A group of elder bears that regulate the teddy world.


A list of rules or "Trusts" that all teddies are bound by.


The characteristics of a Zombie bear are the result of an obvious physical flaw, yet all the teddy is aware of is they are no longer loved or wanted. Tossed aside or thrown away, these bears try desperately to find some reason for their alienation of human affection. It pushes them to act severely. They become resentful to those teddies that are "Normal".


A "Bad Bear" is someone that thinks and acts only for him or herself without concern for others or the Teddy Code. (Not the teddy way)

KAGE KUMA [Ka-gae Koo-ma] Translation: Shadow Bear

A rumored, secretive band of teddies that are trained in the art of kage. They are hidden from the rest of the teddy world due to the nature of their actions.


Even though these teddies are merely legend, they evoke fear in the Secret Teddy Society.


A rare and dangerous procedure that is performed on humans who are guilty of extreme teddy abuse. Normally, while the humans sleeps, a select group of teddies create a dream-like state that pushes the subconscience to the point of remorse for their actions.

Here is an inside look at Waldo while he plays around the house.
A rare look at the teddy bear that broke the Code.

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