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Teddy bears, teddy bears, teddy bears, where are you? STS is a teddy bear book like no other. The best fiction fantasy teddy bear book and story for young adults and adults. Teddy bear books are not just for kids anymore.

Teddy Bears . . . can you trust them?

Have you ever wondered what your teddy bear is like? Just look in the mirror. They are the best and worst part of you. Living just outside our peripheral vision, these cuddly creatures observe us in our most private moments. You are never alone when a teddy bear is in the room. Born from the contact and love of humans, teddies learn life by simply watching. Emulation and the influence of the one that brought them to life is what makes a teddy bear who he or she is. So, if the question is: can you trust your teddy bear? Then you would only need to ask if you can trust yourself. You might not like the answer.

(Below is a picture from Secret Teddy Society: Breaking The Code / chapter fourteen: Trouble With Zombie Bears, drawn by my daughter)

Teddy bear books are the best books for teddy bears and grown up children. Read the best fantasy book about teddy bears and see what you're missing about your own teddy bear.Zombie bear teddy bear who wants to be normal again.

  Crying teddy bear with his wagon and a bug that is adorable.

The best teddy bear story for young adults and adults. This story will surprise you. This book is at the top of the list of teddy bear books.

Is a teddy bear afraid of the dark? Does a teddy bear get jealous of another teddy bear? Are they funny? Can they cry? Do they dream?

The answer is yes.
They are a product of you.

The question remains: can you trust them?

You can answer that question if you ask it of yourself.

  Two teddy bears that are best friends licking ice cream in the park. Teddy bears are born from love and are the essence of truth and loyalty, but that doesn't mean that they stay that way.
They are greatly influenced by their peers and loved ones, just like our children. They become their surroundings. Watch what you do and say in front of them.
  A teddy bear that has turned into a zombie-bear. Don't let your teddy bear be a zombie.

People act differently from one situation to another. This can confuse and create a conflict in a teddy bear. Due to the imitating nature of a teddy, they merely react and copy such irrational behavior. Therefore creating a general response to a similar situation rather than thinking for themselves.

When an act of extreme human behavior is witnessed by a teddy, sometimes . . . sometimes a change can occur that causes more than an emotional crisis.

  Drawing of two teddy bears playing on a swingset.

Early drawings of Bobby Bear and Waldo playing on the swing set. Turns out that Waldo gets a little queezy when he goes too high.

Don't say anything, he'll just deny it.

Teddy bear swing set. Best friends This isn't fair - my daughter drew this wonderful scene and it makes mine look like ... I don't want to say it.
She's become quite the artist. I guess I'll stick to writing.
Teddy bears making a mess in the kitchen. This had better be a fantasy or else.

This scene came from watching a little too much of the cooking channel.

Teddy bears don't cook . . . do they?

Two teddy bears in the shower. Although teddy don't like to get wet. Makes for a great story book. I know, I know, but it was just too cute not to take the shot. Embarrassing (sing-song)

Have you ever watched a teddy bear pillow fight? It's hilarious.

  The best pillow fight is a teddy bear pillow fight. Never rough-house with a teddy bear. Things can get out of control real fast. My daughter drew this cute scene of Waldo and Bobby Bear having fun before bedtime. That's Cookie in the background hoping to join in on the fun.
Teddy bear time machine. The best teddy bear story should always have a time machine. As Bobbie draws more of the bears, she gets even better. Here's a scene from the book, Breaking The Code. Waldo builds a time machine to help him find something he lost. Absolutely, adorable.
A teddy bear can teach you how to build a snowman or snowbear or snowcat. The only thing I ask for from my daughter when Christmas or birthdays roll around is a drawing of the bears. Here's a Christmas card she did featuring Waldo, Bobby Bear and Cookie. How to build a snowbear or snowcat. It's all about building fun.
Best teddy bear story is when teddy bears can just be themselves.


The silliest photos can sometimes make the best photos. Here's proof of a great photo from acting silly. Two teddy bears and a cat just being themselves.
Best friends can be whatever they want to be without feeling stupid.

Why is it that we stop allowing ourselves to be silly or sponateously wacky when we grow up?

Another drawing from my daughter that shows not only a side of teddy bears and an adorable kitty but a side of my daughter as well.

Best friends might not always be what you want them to be, but best friends are always there when you need them to be.


Teddy bear Christmas. Waldo sending his best teddy bear list to Santa Claus.

Here's another Christmas card from my daughter for 2014. As usual, it's crazy cute.

Waldo is making out his Christmas list for Santa Claus. Apparently, he thought he was a good teddy bear this year.

Bobby Bear wants Secret Teddy Society to be at the top of the list of the best teddy bear books ever written. It would mean more people would love their teddy bears like it was in the beginning.

Teddy Bears making a Christmas list for Santa Claus

Above, Bobbie Bear and Waldo are ready for the best Christmas ever for 2015. Bobbie Bear knows he's been a good bear this year, but Waldo is hoping Santa will overlook a few things and keep him off the Naughty list.
Teddy bears watching fireworks
4th of July is always fun with teddy bears.
Teddy bears always make a happy father's day
I always get the best Father's Day card from my daughter. She has captured the moment perfectly. Waldo isn't the best at showing affection but I know it's there.

Teddy bears cooking, writing, playing and acting silly. There is more to teddy bears than we know. What's funny about it is that they are just like us.

Be careful how you act around your teddy bear. They are always watching.

Teddy Bear Book from JS Gilmore. It's about life and how they become who we are, good or bad. This isn't just a teddy bear book. Find out for yourself  what you're missing about your teddy bear. That's Waldo on the cover of the new book Secret Teddy Society: Breaking The Code. He gets excited because he thinks this teddy bear book is all about him. Well, maybe it is but that doesn't mean it should go to his head. Now he struts around like he owns the place. Crazy bear.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
This teddy bear book is not like the others. It will have you looking at your teddy differently.
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Discover the best teddy bear adventure story for young-adults, children and adults that ever wondered about their own teddy bear. Zombie bears and Were-bears help create one of the most original and creative stories for adults and children alike.