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Who is JS Gilmore


Who is J.S. Gilmore?


Born in Florida, one of my basic instincts was to write music. The first song came at the age of 5. Piano was the first instrument I learned by simply watching other kids play songs like "Chop Sticks" and "Heart and Soul". My ears basically taught me the rest. If it didn't sound good then I would merely move my fingers around until it did. I never cared about learning other peoples music. It felt more like that's just what people do, write their own music. That's what I did. The trick was to write music that other people wanted to hear. I would spend a youthful lifetime chasing that dream.

Living in Clearwater, Florida, my interests were mostly into playing sports year round while spending free time on the family fishing boats at Clearwater Marina.

I am drawn to water. Boats have always been a comfort place. When I was three my dad started a commercial fishing business that was the first of it's kind in the fact that it was the first commercial catamaran to carry passengers.

At the age of 10 we moved aboard a three masted schooner. Normally, a 56 foot long sailboat is a sizable vessel but a family of five living aboard can make every foot feel like an inch. Dad thought it would be fun to be an instructor at 'Outward Bound', a survival coarse on Hurricane island off the coast of Rockland, Maine. Since our house was firmly planted in water, then we would set sail for northern New England. That was a fantastic journey. Going from Clearwater, through the Okeechobee waterway and all the way up the eastern seaboard to Maine was exciting. Here's a little tidbit that I'm not ashamed to mention. -- I get terribly sea-sick. It's not right that someone raised on boats and the water gets sick. It's not all the time. Mostly it's when the seas are really rough or kind of choppy or slightly wavy or almost calm. Somewhere in there. It's not ALL the time.

While in Maine, my dad was attracted to the north country, so much so that he decided to move the family to New Hampshire where my two older brothers and I attended a prep school in Littleton.

Music took center stage for the post high school years, which lasted more than two decades.
In the meantime, I met my wife and had a beautiful daughter.

Life experiences arrive through trial and error. (A lot of error)
Being a better person became top priority. Turning my full attention to home and family, I started a business of graphics for clothing, swimwear and eventually a skin care line.

Creativity is the main ingredient in my life. Music, graphic design and now storytelling. Satisfaction comes from creating something . . . anything.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. I put that to the test when I wanted a way to display fun bumper stickers without having to stick them on my car. I came up with a static cling clear vinyl pocket that simply clings to the inside of the rear window allowing you to slide in your favorite sticker without sticking it. That invention was a milestone achievement yet still my desire to write stayed with me for the next several years, until...

You guessed it.

A look back:
(if you dare)

The early days of music.
Such dreams...such naive.

My first album: Putting Back The Rock
Songs featuring Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme.
Sample songs here (listen at your own risk)
Disclaimer: Jim Gilmore is not responsible for adverse nostalgic flashbacks.
Jim Gilmore album Putting Back The Rock featuring Nuno Bettencourt on guitar.

Music video of "Why Should I" (video was done for lyric display)


Invention: The Pocket - Bumper sticker holder (also available in the store)



As mentioned, creating was all that mattered.
Oh, and fun had to be a big part of it. This sums it up rather well.

Now, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Have a question? Send an email


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