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An assignment from the author:
Create a character that will be introduced in STS book 2.

This assignment was: Delightful, Funny, Imaginative and Inspiring

Student: Vincent

Teddy name: Blueberry

Blueberry, he's bright blue, his nose is dark blue, the bottom of his feet are white, the inside of his ears are white, his eyes are black. He's adventurous, he's a nice were-bear/vampire-bear, he can also do front flips, back flips, cartwheels, and he's sneaky.

Student: Azia

Teddy name: Mandy

Mandy is a tannish-yellow bear with soft hazel eyes. She is madly in love with Waldo and is very treacherous. She enjoys watching the X-games with her person whose mom is a daredevil for movies in the action area. She also enjoys skateboarding with her person. She is very fond of breaking rules in her imagination, of course. But never has she dreamed of breaking the Code like Waldo and Bobby Bear. Never! That's why she likes Waldo. Never has she felt a love so strong ever since James was writing about the STS. She is grateful, yet worried about Waldo. Will he continue to break the Code?

Student: Olivia

Teddy name: Gumdrop

I think Gumdrop should be a name for a bear in STS because he can be different colors and just be out of the ordinary and as a young bear he can try and tag along with Bobby Bear and Waldo in their next adventure. He would be just adopted by Bobbie for her birthday and James brought her some gumdrops afterwards, so that's why Bobbie names him that. Since Bobby Bear and Waldo didn't teach Gumdrop the ways of the teddy world, Gumdrop sometimes moves in front of Bobbie, but Bobbie can't figure it out so James tells Bobbie about the teddy world and she is sworn to secrecy.

Student: Victoria

Teddy name: Sweetpea

(Sweetpea) Believes the best in everyone. Really smart. Snow white fur. Greenish-Bluish-Orangeish eyes, when alive, beady black when asleep. Waldo's long lost sister. 2 yrs old. One and a half feet tall, smile from ear to ear. Underpaw as red as blood or a rose (front). (Back) underpaw blue as a violet. Talks to herself. As shy as a pea in its pod. Good, accurate predictions about the future. Doesn't trust other bears except Big Red, Waldo and Bobby Bear. Somehow knows Bobbie, who immediately falls in love with her. Got separated from Waldo by moving in front of Kitty with Nicholas, Kitty's bear, 8 yrs ago.
P.S. When asleep a hot pink circle appears around her right eye.

Student: Annalee

Teddy name: Connie

Connie is a teddy bear that has orange, green and blue splats of paint on white. Is a girl teddie bear. Is sweet, kind, nice and loves to dance.She wears a pink tutu with brown leather boots. She has a right green ear with a left orange ear on the top of her head. Has black plastic balls for eyes and a nose that was a sewed on button. Her mouth was a smile. She always turns bad news and sadness into happiness. Is very unique and does things her way. She loves candy and sugar, with delicate eyelashes. She'll go against the Teddy Code for her best friends forever. She'll lie once in a while and craves an adventure.

Student: Randy

Teddy name: Arthur

Appearance: Hazel eyes and orange fur. Floppy ears and 3 feet tall.
Quality: Adventurous and mysterious and kind.

Student: Erika

Teddy name: Miss Perry winkle

Miss Perry winkle is a baby teddy bear that is white and fluffy. She loves to dance and is always in a happy mood. She also has a little blue bow in her hair all the time, about the size of our pinky. Miss Perry winkle is a very helpful bear too and never liles to break the Code unless it's an emergency. She also almost always wears a blue dress. She has pitch black marble eyes, a cute button nose, and loves to make new friends.

Student: Treyvon

Teddy name: Snowy

(Snowy has)White fur, green scarf, spotted feet with a collar that says the name Snowy. Black eyes but when he turns alive, brown eyes. Really soft fur also small floppy ears. Thick fur that is straight and nice. A medium sized bear with large hands (paws). A wide smile spread on his face with a light brown stitching on his mouth. His ears poke up to the sky. Large legs but body is a medium type of size. Shaggy hair on the top by his eyes and that is my bear.

Student: Ally

Teddy name: Blue

Personality: Funny, sweet, adventurous, not shy, smart, kind and good with building things.
Features: Fur, chocolate brown. Has an Australian accent. Calls everyone "mate". Loves action movies. Artistic.

Student: Zoe

Teddy name: Percy the bear

A black bear withblue eyes and a yellow lightning bolt on his right foot. He is smart like Sheldon Cooper (also obnoxious like Sheldon). Bobbie got him at the grocery store because she thought Bobby Bear and Waldo could have a new friend. When Bobby Bear and Waldo went to the fridge to get milk, so Percy joined them and James saw them move. So James wrote about it.

Student: Rebecca

Teddy name: Peanut Butter Billy Bob Joe (Peanut Butter Billy, for short)

Appearance: Brown patched fur. Woven cowboy hat (optional). Rides a rubber duckie named Bessie.
Personality: Poor. Adventurous. A little old and very crazy.

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