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An assignment from Mr. Henderson:
Write a major theme of the book and a minor theme of a chapter of their choice. Write how the characters changed throughout the story. Finally, to ask at least five questions and answer at least three of them from their knowledge of the book.

Note: Because each student wrote several pages, it would be much too long to post.
I will post some of their great questions along with their theme choices.

Due to parental permission, only a few papers and students will be exampled here.


Student: Annalise

Author's note: Annalise caught my attention with her sassy yet playful comments. Her personality shines with confidence and humor. Makes me smile everytime.

"The minor theme, appreciate what you have, is the missing piece to the puzzle for the 10th chapter of STS. The chapter called "It's Time To Go" because in this chapter Waldo and Bobby Bear are taken away, so they have to appreciate James, Debra and Bobbie etc. so this theme fits perfectly."

"Minor themes are great but there has to be a major theme, so 'you're welcome' because here it is... This theme stands for the entire STS story: Friendship! Am I right?"

1. Why does BB and Waldo like milk so much?
2. Do all bears know about and love milk?
3. Why doesn't Big Red Fluffy Bear never get found?
4. Does Zella know about were-bears?
5. Are were-bears real or not?
6. Where is Zeek?


Student: Caleb

Minor theme for the chapter 14,"Trouble With Zombie Bears" is courage.
Major theme for the book is adventure.
1. Why don't all stuffed bears move?
2. How do bears clean themselves?
3. Do bears ever go to school to learn?
4. Do the bears ever have to have haircuts?
5. Why does Waldo talk a lot when he gets nervous?
6. Why doesn't James just tell Debra about the bears and how they talk?
7. Why did Tiffany have to steal Waldo?
8. Why did all the bears start moving in front of people at the end of the book?


Student: Cyrus

Minor theme of chapter 7, "The Antidote", is trust
Major theme for the book is loyalty
1. Did Pinky and Slippers get out of the box?
2. Is D Dakota?
3. Is Bobby bear still a Werebear or was that a dream?
4. Did Ray ever fix James car?
5. What does mileu mean?


Student: Gio

Minor theme in chapter 11, "Time To Go", is courage.
Major theme for the book is friendship.
1. If Tiffany was her friend then why would she hide her backpack?
2. Why do the zombie bears want body parts?
3. Why did Tiffany steal Waldo?
4. Who was the lady that Waldo stuck his tongue out in the car?
5. What did Zeek do after he ran off?
6. Did Chompers heal from his collision with the car?


Student: Grace

Minor theme of the chapter 10, "A Nightmare Begins", is loyalty.
Major theme of the book is friendship.
1. Why Fluffy instead a thug?
2. Who sent Nicholas?
3. Why do the bears love milk so much?
4. Are Werebears real?
5. Why isn't James scared of living bears?
6. Does George know the sublimitone?
7.Will Bobbie be harmed by Bobby Bear?
8. Has George been to the Council?


Student: Loren

Minor theme in chapter 15, "Chompers", is friendship
Major theme of the book is family
1. Werebears, real or imaginary?
2. What’s up with the bears and milk?
3. Why have Bobby bear and Waldo got caught?
4. Why is Waldo keep breaking the Code?
5. Why are Bobby bear and Waldo nice?
6. Why didn’t Dakota tell Elvis earlier?
7. Will Lyle get punished because he got caught moving by a human named Mike? or how about Big Red Fluffy Bear
when he talked to the scruffy man? What about Elvis when he talked to the scruffy man?


Student: Ru
Minor theme for chapter 14, "Trouble With Zombie Bears" is bravery.
Major theme for book is courage.
1. Why have the first scene with Waldo in his time travel device?
2. Are Werebears real?
3. Why didn't Elvis and Bobby Bear remember the Werebear?
4. Why have Dakota, Lyle, Elvis, Fluffy bear, Waldo and Bobby Bear run into Chompers after they just defeated the zombie bears?
5. Why was Chompers out of his regular territory?


Student: Samantha

Minor theme for chapter 6,"Beware the Bear", is horror.
Major theme of the book is trust.
1. Why is Bobby Bear always worried about doing the right thing?
2. Why are both Bobby Bear and Waldo nice?
3. Why does James not care about the girls knowing about the STS?
4. Does James have any other jobs besides writing books?
5. Did Tiffany take Waldo or Bobby Bear?
6. Why is Waldo so clueless?
7. Why is James suddenly caring about Waldo getting caught by the Council?
8. Is Waldo's word for ice cream supergreatiestfantaculicious?
9. What caused James to have a song for Bobbie every morning?
10. Why did the author use a name related to Elvis that Jarred called Elvis?

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